About The Bay AI Institute

Hi, I'm Andy Steinbach

Founder of The Bay AI Institute


Andy Steinbach began with a PhD in device physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder doing research on circuits now used in Quantum Computing; his thesis advisor, John Martinis, is world renowned and recently achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing for Google. In this environment, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Andy learned world class science and engineering, and extensively used numerical computing to guide his early physics experiments. After a National Science Foundation-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Paris, Andy worked as a semiconductor chip designer, creating the world's first 40 Gbit/second optoelectronic communications systems.

Andy first moved to Silicon Valley when joining Intel and his subsequent 20-year tech career has spanned both the semiconductor and microscopy industries, and has included leading large teams in both advanced R&D pathfinding work, and also state-of-the-art product development.

With the advent of the AI / machine learning revolution in 2012, Andy started the first machine learning team at ZEISS Microscopy, and was a part of the early AI team at NVIDIA, finding the best applications in deep learning and working with advanced open source cloud data technologies. Since 2018, Andy has owned and managed a specialty machine learning consulting firm, Paradigm Shift AI,  implementing advanced deep learning solutions in industry, focused in the bioscience / genomics, and the semiconductor industry spaces.

Why The Bay AI Institute?


I have been inspired to launch The Bay AI Institute by teaching STEM, AI/ML, and programming to my own daughter, and my goal is to create the type of programs I wish I'd had for her, but couldn't find. 

 I was inspired by the amazing STEM (enabled by AI and other technologies) that K-12 students were doing, often as early as middle school. 

The problem is there are no good solutions to guide your child through this elite STEM journey, other than teaching them yourself - and what if you don’t have the time or domain expertise? Even the best K-12 schools do not teach accelerated STEM at this level, and most STEM camps are way too basic, or teaching only a small fraction of the year, insufficient for building real skills.

I am developing our programs to fill this void, and have realized that talented and academically-oriented kids are capable of much more advanced STEM learning much earlier than any school or tech camp provides. Our programs' unique attributes comprise an intensive all-year-round domain-specific curriculum, which adds mathematical programming and AI/machine learning as a superpower, providing the ability to jump 5-7 years or more ahead in quantitative scientific sophistication.

These programs are designed to reward students with tremendous differentiation in both elite college admissions, and more importantly the ability to compete at the very top of a STEM field or medicine once attending the top universities and graduate schools.   


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